Seville (dest.)


Famed for its unique atmosphere and the hospitality of its inhabitants, Sevilla can be said to represent the spirit of Andalucian culture. The passage of different peoples, added to the fact that its port was the entry and exit point for the discovery of the Americas and one of the most important ports of the 16th century, has left an indelible mark on its character.

Centuries of history have left Sevilla with a very distinct personality and, in addition, one of the largest and best preserved historic centres in the whole of Europe as well as an important and flourishing cultural heritage. It has various World Heritage sites: the Cathedral, which is the largest Gothic-style church in the Christian world, the “Reales Alcázares”, the jewell in the “mudéjar” crown; the “Archivo General de Indias”, the depository of the documents related to the discovery and conquest of the New World.

Sevilla has two distinct faces: the peaceful haven of beautiful streets, parks and gardens; the perfect environment for enjoying its architectural heritage and the breazes coming from its thousand year old river.

On the other side there is the Sevilla of celebrations and festivals, such as the April Fair and Easter Week, in which you can see the true character of the “Sevillanos” coming to life. Sevilla is the capital of Flamenco and celebrates it with the “Bienal de Flamenco”. In our city, with its magnificent climate, you can try our gastronomic delicacies and go on tapas “crawls” through its open air terraces, bars and restaurants. Sevilla also offers a wide variety of cultural and sporting events.

Our city is home to three Universities: the University of Sevilla, the University of Pablo de Olavide and the International University of Andalucia. Sevilla is a city which shows off its past, lives in the present and is well prepared for the future: it is a melting pot of tolerant and harmonious living.

All these features make Sevilla a world-class tourist destination and perfect for studying Spanish.

Schools in Sevilla

Clic International House

Enforex Sevilla

Escuela de Español Activo

Giralda Center

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