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Advantages of being a member of Español en Andalucía

  1. Independent quality guarantee. The fact that all our schools are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, the governmental body responsible for the teaching of Spanish, means that we can guarantee that all our members offer a high level of education.
  2. Direct cooperation with regional institutions. Our association has direct contacts with and receives support from, various sections of the Andalucian government, as well as provincial and local governments: Town Halls, local Tourist Boards, Chambers of Commerce, etc.
  3. Representation of the “Spanish teaching” business sector in Andalucia. EEA is the largest language tourism association in the region and, as such, we are involved in official cooperation and projects with public institutions.
  4. Promotion of Andalucia as a brand and its component destinations. By being the focal point of official support for our sector, EEA creates the ideal platform for the promotion of the Andalucian brand and the various destinations where our members are located.
  5. Participation in marketing and promotional events. As a member of the prestigious national federation of spanish schools (FEDELE), EEA participates in the most important professional events in the world of international language teaching.
  6. Accurate information about the spanish teaching industry. Thanks to our internal co-operation and work with the various governmental bodies related to our industry, EEA has up-to-date and verifiable statistics of our business sector.
  7. Business opportunities. All the above allow the members direct access to a range of business opportunities which help them grow their businesses and make effective professional relationships and agreements.
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