University Credits (ECTS) in EEA Schools

University Credits (ECTS) in EEA Schools

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You can now gain European academic credit (ECTS) by studying Spanish in any of the EEA schools

Both the San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) and the Association of Schools of Spanish in Andalucia (EEA) have a common interest in promoting research and for this reason, they have agreed to co-operate in the validation by the University of Courses of Spanish as a foreign Language given by the member schools of EEA.

The San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) is a private University located in Guadalupe, in the province of Murcia, founded by the San Antonio University Foundation in 1996. The UCAM offers a wide range of official Degrees at Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate levels, but also has a special emphasis non official degrees (“Titulos Propios”) and Professional Training programmes with a high level of co-operation with professional associations and colleges on a national and international level as well as with the world of work.

EEA, the Association of Schools of Spanish in Andalucia, founded in 1991, currently has 35 member schools, and has, as its principle objective, the guarantee of high standards in the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language and for this reason, all the member schools are Accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

All the EEA member schools can offer their students non official degrees and ECTS credits for Courses given by their teachers and validated and awarded by the UCAM:]

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